Fortis Advocacy Partners MDP LLP is not a traditional law firm. Instead, we are a multidisciplinary partnership (“MDP”) bringing together both lawyers and paralegals as well as lay case managers to assist the public with their disability claims. Our unique structure allows us to offer high quality advocacy to you with greater efficiency and lower cost than a law firm.

As one of the first MDPs of our kind in British Columbia, we strive to provide excellent service which is financially accessible to everyone. We do not charge an up-front retainer nor do we charge hourly fees; rather, our fee is based on a very reasonable contingency model where you only pay if we are successful in winning your disability claim.

If you are a British Columbian with a disability case, you should strongly consider obtaining legal advice and assistance. Dealing with the Canada Pension Plan and the Social Security Tribunal can be a very challenging endeavour. Let us help you obtain the result you need and deserve. Please call Fortis Advocacy Partners today for a free initial telephone consultation.

Our Experience

With over 15 years of client representation, we understand the CPP appeals process intimately.

Tribunal Representation

We will represent you at hearings to ensure your case is accurately and professionally presented to get the best outcome possible.

No Win No Fees

Fortis Advocacy Partners appreciates the financial burden that many experience and doesn't charge for advocacy services unless you win.

Do I Have A Case?

Complete our online assessment form and we will contact you to discuss your case.


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Send us an email or call us at 1-844-352-6221 to discuss your CPP benefits claim.


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